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About Jupeng
  Ju Peng Shanghai Translation Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ju Peng translation) is a large professional translation company, is a subsidiary of "Shanghai Ju Peng Enterprise ''s. Over the years, the giant Peng translation focused on a variety of two-way language translation and software localization services. And cover a range of business related to various professional fields.
  Ju Peng Shanghai Translation Co., Ltd. has abundant human resources, has a young, positive, courage to take on the task of the elite teams, full-time, part-time and in any language translators thousand, successfully completed a number of important domestic and foreign translation task, writing a giant Peng translation of today's brilliant. For the giant Peng translation in the translation field to establish a good reputation, has won an excellent reputation.
  As a large professional translation agencies, Shanghai Peng Ju Translation Co., Ltd. can provide you through a "translation - Edit - printing - Publishing - distribution or release" The whole process has always been "one-stop" full service can also provide you the above process any single item or a combination of items can give you tailor fit your actual situation "personal custom" service. Ju Peng translation business diversification and personalized service, the urgency of urgent business enterprises are thinking. Ju Peng translation senior translation experts, mostly perennial engaged in foreign language education and many years of professional life, rich practical experience with translation, and can fully understand the meaning of the original binding and support the translation of the results of quality assurance. At any time when necessary, organize expert guidance and revisers large quantities of translation data.
Ju Peng translation commitment to customers trustworthy, punctual and confidentiality. By establishing a single point of contact for project management, the project manager to coordinate and solve the customer's specific requirements and ask, always ensure that the most effective way to achieve localization and standardization of business. Every aspect of the company for each service has its own quality standards, through periodic sampling throughout the project to ensure compliance assessments, the implementation of effective quality control.
Ju Peng translation of "high quality efficient, fast confidentiality, reasonable price" principle of service, with large domestic and foreign enterprises maintained a good business relationship, was widely praised and blown away, as the company also tried to SMEs or personal services, also welcomed by everyone.
Ju Peng translation known as the "Pearl of the Orient," said the bustling metropolis - Shanghai, for the company's development and growth provided a powerful local resources. Ju Peng translation for the community to provide long-term public and multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary translation services, including consulates, the notary office, courts and police authorization and recognition of all kinds of foreign documents, translation of letters, offers a variety of meetings, negotiations, exhibitions, etc. consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. The company also uses years of experience successfully providing conference and exhibition and related services for all enterprises and institutions.
Ju Peng translation goal is to become the "Oriental Dragon Translation", based in Shanghai, facing the country, to the world. Translation willing giant Peng flying to your business development paved smooth communication!


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