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We have strict quality management system

Translation Process
Quality Control System
QC principles
Operating Standards
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    You can send the document to us via fax, e-mail or courier and other means. After receiving the manuscript, we immediately assign senior proofreader free analysis manuscript, manuscript determine the nature and degree of difficulty. Translation and feedback on matters related articles and written words, delivery time and translation costs and other commitments translation quality agreement;
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    According to project analysis, selection of appropriate professional translators from translators repository and assign a translator experienced project managers coordinate the whole translation process and translation quality control.
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    To ensure high-quality translation and coordinated the entire translation in the language style and terminology, the process according to the project manager to establish a complete professional vocabulary management system, and to coordinate the translation process, ensure translation quality of work, efficiency and consistency;
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    Assignment has many years of practical experience in the professional field of translation manuscript proofreaders professional proofreading accuracy

    Senior proofreaders proofread the language:Appoint a high-level language proficiency in a second proofreader proofreading, key audit whether the wording is accurate and consistent, whether authentic language coherent manner;

    Submit manuscript translated to the client:According to our approach to security management, proper processing of your manuscript (including fax, copy, and format data files, etc.), make sure that your important translated documents security and confidentiality;

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    On-time delivery of the translation by hand after completion of the project and the translation quality tracking customers, customers such proposed amendments, translation management department should be promptly and seriously modified.
Therefore,any translation project, by excellent translators were professional counterparts in advance of the translation work, and then by the high level of industry experts and language proofreading. Even after the delivery of the translation, can be repaired according to the special requirements of customers change. Since each procedure has strict terms of the agreement and professionals checks. Therefore, the Division I translated documents are normative standard.


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